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Give the gift of inner peace this Christmas 


When was the last time you gave a gift that had truly lasting benefits?
A one-hour hypnotic relaxation session will leave your loved one feeling deeply relaxed and able to meet the challenges ahead with a newfound sense of peace and acceptance.


This time of year can be extremely stressful.

We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves to please others, spending too much money on trinkets no one needs or wants. Eating and drinking a bit too much to compensate for the fact that we feel overwhelmed.

All of our stuff gets triggered. Our families are incredible, wonderful humans (mostly), but they are also the ones who know exactly where to find all our buttons and are happily pushing them like demented toddlers with a game of whack-a-mole.

What we really need is the time to come back to ourselves, to replenish our resources so that we can meet the new year with joy and enthusiasm.

The Gift of Inner Peace one-hour hypnotic relaxation session will give your loved one a sense of physical and psychological relaxation, leaving them free to focus on what’s important, rather than getting bogged down by the distractions of daily life.

I feel much happier in general. I have also started doing more things on my accord, rather than being forced to do them by circumstances or by others.
— Sally*
The Gift of Inner Peace
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