TOM Fortes Mayer

The FreeMind Experience


This book is a practical and fascinating look at what real happiness is and how we can enjoy more of it. Tom demonstrates with great clarity, passion and playfulness that there are three pillars upon which all lasting happiness and success are built.

Pillar 1 enables you to free your mind of any underlying sense of limitation and inadequacy.

Pillar 2 enables you to unleash your enormous potential and flow with brilliance.

Pillar 3 enables you to overcome your sense of separation and connect more deeply to everything that matters in life.

It is from there that you begin to love all things unconditionally. From, there you drop your resistance to life, you relax more and you become more true to yourself. Imagine yourself living fully and freely in the moment, utterly fulfilled and feeling vibrantly alive. This is the FreeMind Experience. This is the foundation of absolute happiness. This book puts a flame to the touch light of possibility inside us all. 

Read an extract from The FreeMind Experience:

FreeMind Peace is not about continuously walking around with a simpering smile on your face, enjoying endless happiness. It is not unending joy. You will still get angry, depressed, frustrated, jealous, and insecure. All of these emotions will move through us at times. Peace comes from developing your emotional fitness. Physical fitness is measured by the speed with which your heart rate returns to its’ resting rate once it has been pumping at full pelt. Emotional fitness is the speed with which you return to peace and love once you have been upset, scared and angry. How quickly can you bring yourself back from an adrenalin-fuelled, fight-and-flight response? That is the question.

Fortunately, just like physical fitness, emotional fitness can be developed with exercise and practice. The practices, described at the end of this chapter are designed to start this healing process and can transform your relationship with life, no matter what difficulties or problems have been thrown at you.

Deprogramming and Emotional Intelligence

Our capacity to return to peace rapidly after getting upset is hugely dependent on the degree to which we have cleared out all of our old upsets and resentments. As a result of a history of NO moments, most of us have large stores of negative emotions, resistances, and frustrations. As I described earlier most of us are intrinsically in opposition to ourselves and the natural process of life and death.

All of these negative emotions and limiting ideas hold us back and massively skew our perception of the world. This often results in living in impoverished and unfulfilling ways, where we needlessly struggle and suffer. Before we can go onto experience more freedom and happiness in our lives, we must first systematically go through a process of deprogramming any thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and identities that are blocking our ability to be happy. This is all about bringing peace to our inner world. The driving force in FreeMind Peace is Emotional Intelligence.

With Emotional Intelligence it is clear that deprogramming and coming back to peace isn’t about condemning any part of you or pushing aspects of yourself away. This, in fact, is more about bringing love and compassion to every part of you and your life. It is about letting your defense mechanisms know that you are finally ready to know the truth. It is about:

Thinking every thought that was once too difficult to think.

Feeling the feelings that were once too difficult to feel.

Saying the things that were once too difficult to say.

This process isn’t about making you feel bad about yourself but rather reassuring all those frozen parts of yourself that you are safe now. Using the FreeMind Peace Practices you can work through your uppermost layers of NO, and this will help you to:

Directly secure, support and see your whole self with love

Bring yourself back into alignment with the vibration of YES.

When this work is successful, we typically begin to feel gratitude for everything that has ever happened to us. This is no longer about acceptance and forgiveness. It goes way beyond that. We begin to see that everything that has ever happened to us is an essential part of who we are. We begin to see how we are a part of everything in the world, and that everything in the world is part of us. We are intrinsically part of the flow of life. We have trust or what some people may refer to as faith. We are peaceful and fear no longer has the same hold on us. By some descriptions this is all about approaching life from a more enlightened perspective.

In Buddhism, one description of enlightenment translates as extirpation of fear. Extirpation is extinguishing a flame by removing the fuel or substance on which it burns. So, instead of blowing out a candle, the oxygen in a room would be sucked out. Without any external or internal force, the flame simply fades and disappears. Extirpation of fear and resistance comes from the gentle dissolving of the NO state.

One of the best personal development books you will read!! Tom is a master story teller, and his use of personal stories from his life and practise are brilliantly interwoven into the philosophy of the three pillars of happiness.
— CEY,

In life there are those rare moments when time stops, the mouth falls wide open, tears streaming down the face. The sheer enormity of the absolute joy takes us over and we dissolve into a sense of perfection, a sense of meaning – an inherent and unchangeable connection to the deepest seat of peace, the purest state of happiness.