FreeMind Power

Reprogramming is the second stage and involves learning and practicing to relate to yourself and life in new ways. This is a process of reconditioning the mind, which enables you to change your life by changing your perceptions, expectations, and patterns of thought and speech, so that you can unleash your greatest potential. This is about bringing your mind, body and soul into full alignment with fully empowered beliefs.


Using the FreeMind Positivity process

Tom Fortes Mayer talks about how to be happy and successful using positive psychology. This is not just about wishy washy positive thinking. This is about getting into the mechanics of belief and re-engineering our perception of ourselves and the world. That changes lives.


Using the FreeMind Self-Hypnosis process

Tom Fortes Mayer explains how to best use the FreeMind Self Hypnosis recording. using this system you are able to bring out the best from yourself.


Using the FreeMind Performance process

This film explains how the FreeMind recordings can help you change your response to an up and coming challenge. That could be a presentation, an exam, a first date or any situation that you are nervous about. FreeMind uses phobia cure technology to enable you to be in the most powerful state of mind possible.


Using the FreeMind Visionary Goal process

Tom Fortes Mayer explains how it is vital to create goals that inspire your heart to come alive in the endeavour. Until the achievements of our goals is at least partially in service to others, it s hard to make lasting changes in our lives.