FreeMind Peace

Deprogramming is the first stage and involves dissolving and letting go of all the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, limited beliefs, and identities that are holding you back and skewing your perception of yourself and reality. 

Deprogramming is best summed up as unlearning old conditioning. 


How To Stop Self-Sabotage

How to remove the most common success block. This one defence mechanism causes so many challenges and yet it is only trying to help. This about how we manage one set of thoughts at the cost of the quality of our life.


Using the FreeMind Negotiation process

Tom Fortes Mayer explains how we can identify and communicate with parts of ourselves, that are responsible for negative behaviour that is holding us back. By learning to talk to every art of ourselves with respect we can bring various behaviours back into balance and harmony. Learning how to do this is vital.


Using the FreeMind Support process

Tom Fortes Mayer describes the best way to approach using the FreeMind Peace Process. This is essentially a Re-parenting process that enables a person to clear away any unresolved feelings and limited beliefs. With that foundation of peace we can then begin to rebuild our psychology so that is full of power.


Using the FreeMind Guidance process

Tom Fortes Mayer describes how we can all access powerful guidance from our unconscious minds. This film shows you how to use the Free~Mind recording called "Guidance" to bring out the best from yourself.