FreeMind recognises the innate perfection of every person, believing first and foremost that everyone can heal themselves from the inside out.


Nadine Cameron Ward
BA (Hons), MA, Dip. Hyp

Hypnotherapist & FreeMind Facilitator


My role as a FreeMind hypnotherapist is to empower each and every one of my clients to discover their own capability and confidence. FreeMind hypnotherapy is built on the core value that our work must honour and support the psychological, emotional and personal essence of every client.

Much of what people have learnt in their life is useful and positive and at the same time most people also end up picking up limiting ideas, negative feelings, frustrations, resistances, disappointments, judgments and usually lots of stress.  

This often leads to people developing unhealthy habits, negative behaviour, emotional difficulties and a wide range of health complications. 

This prevents people from living and loving their life to the full. 

Hypnotherapy can rapidly help people overcome their difficulties so they can restore, health, happiness and success to their lives. 

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone experiences every day.

When we first wake in the morning, when we are on autopilot, daydreaming or in a state of flow, we are experiencing natural hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy teaches you how to harness that powerful state of mind so that you can improve how you think, feel and behave so that you can be your best and enjoy more success and happiness in your life.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to access and unleash your greatest potential.  

It is very effective, fast acting and totally safe.



When being hypnotised, you will remember everything that happens, you retain complete control, you can’t be made to do anything against your will, you are inspired to unleash your greatest potential!

I feel very privileged to be helping people be their very best and it’s something I love doing. I’m available for individual sessions in person and also on Skype. The price depends very much on what we are working on, ranging from £55 to £300 a session, but courses of treatment are priced differently.

I offer a sliding scale to those needing it so that my work is affordable.

The FreeMind kite-mark authenticates that Nadine Cameron holds a diploma in FreeMind Hypnotherapy and is therefore, an effective and safe practitioner bound by a strict ethical code of practice. Click to see that code or to report questionable behaviour to The FreeMind Project.