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The FreeMind Recordings


The 3 Pillars of FreeMind help you to enjoy more success and happiness in your life. It works by helping you to discover and dissolve the barriers and psychological interferences that prevent you from taking yourself to the next level. If you are tired of holding yourself back and have had enough of negative repetitive patterns, empower yourself with this incredible system!

FreeMind training and development recordings combine advanced life-changing technology and inspiring psychology tools to empower people to bring out the best from themselves. The recordings are packed full of tips, techniques and specially designed motivational music that makes these experiences engaging, exciting and incredibly powerful at helping you to enjoy life more easily. 


Over the years I have listened to hundreds of personal development recordings from across the whole industry. The FreeMind Recordings are the best that I have ever listened to and I do not say that lightly! The combination of powerful, inspirational psychology and incredible music is nothing short of genius!
— Christopher Adams, NLP Master practitioner and NLP trainer

FreeMind Peace

Pillar 1. Is all about coming into peace and it focuses on the principles and practices of emotional intelligence.

FreeMind Power

Pillar 2 is all about coming into power and is focused on the principles and practices of success psychology.


FreeMind Purpose

Pillar 3 is all about connecting to our purpose and focuses on the principles and practices of oneness philosophy. 

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